Tricon Clinic Expansion
Our Tricon Clinic began in 2001.
This rural clinic is open two days a
week. Doctor Badeau, Nurse Suze,
Nurse Sonia and all the Tricon
staff report to Renaud, our Haitian
Administrator.  He brings
medicine, food, vitamins,
clothing, etc. for distribution to
the nearby communities.

Visiting US teams come to
minister to the people of the
Tricon area.  It is almost a10-hour
round trip. The huge needs grip
hearts, but time never permits
completion of this important
ministry because teams must
return to lodging facilities in

In the photo to the right, one can
see that there is ample space for
expansion. The property is walled
in and has room enough to build a
bunk house for the visiting teams.
The new unit will also be used for
patients when teams are not there.

The hand pump on the well in
Tricon is broken. Our plans are to
install a new submersible electric
pump, deeper well, and a clean
water system. We thank
Protestant Community Church in
Medford Lakes, NJ (Cathedral of
the Woods) for supplying funds for
this project. This will provide the
local area with clean drinking
water! The church and school next
door are very happy, too.