For 25 dollars a month, you can provide medical care, food, and parenting education for a mother
and infant through our “Mom-Tot” Program.                 Call or E-mail for details
A Message from Renaud Civil, Haitian Administrator

When Moms and Tots come to the Mariani clinic, we pray with them before Nurse Maryse teaches the
educational lesson. The lesson is always on a very important subject, and the mothers love to
participate actively by asking and answering questions.   Next, if the baby and/or the mother have a
medical problem, they see the doctor.  We meet with them every Tuesday at the Mariani Clinic. Right
now, we have 27 mom/tots in the program at this clinic.  Because of this program, these tots are
healthy, and they go to school when they are graduated at age 3.  When the mother cannot come, the
father or an elder sister or brother can bring the baby to the clinic.

We have 18 mothers in the nutritional program in Tricon, and they meet every Thursday.  From the
time a Mom-Tot enrolls to the time of graduation, the change is very visible. The kids always leave the
program healthy, and it is the reason why parents keep asking to register their babies so they can
participate in the program.

Mothers are waiting to enroll their babies in the Mom-Tot Program for many reasons:

1- Some women have men who do not have a job. They have nothing to do, and they come to be
educated and get some food every month. The food is their priority.

2- Others want to benefit from the medical care. For some women, it is good to have their baby and
themselves checked regularly and get medicine free of charge. They have food to eat, but they spare
a little time to come get this service. Medical service is their priority.

3- Young women who are pregnant early in their life will be obliged to face many difficulties when
they are not married and their child’s father has not been taking care of the baby. They are obliged to
go everywhere with the baby.  The program is good for them because they are educated medically and
even socially. It is a place for discussion, so they express themselves and get advice. Sadly, to feed
their baby, they may feel obliged to have another man, who sometimes can give them one or two more
kids then leave them for another woman (whom they consider fresh, and nice looking compared to
them). For this category, everything is important.

The program is very good for all the groups, but they do not have exactly the same goal or purpose all
the time.