Medika Mamba
The Medika Mamba (Peanut butter medicine) Program is for moderately to
severely malnourished babies.  Sponsoring a baby for $80 a month often
means the difference between life and death.  After 6-8 weeks of Medika
Mamba, your sponsored baby should be healthy enough to graduate to our
mildly malnourished program, Mom-Tot (only $25/month).  If you can help,
please contact
Nurse Maryse (below) is giving instructions for the Medika Mamba Program.
This high powered food is a fortified peanut butter paste.
We have seen malnourished children back to health in as little as 6 weeks!
 Included in the Program

  • 6 to 8 weeks supply of
    Medika mamba
  • antibiotics for 1 week
  • worm treatment
  • clean/drinkable water
  • cup with lid
  • spoon
  • anti-bacterial soap
  • weekly visit to clinic
    while on program
  • bag to carry supplies in
Learn more about Medika
Mamba, click here:  
LPN Monika started the Medika Mamba
Program at Hope Alive Clinic. Thank you,